My Fabrics

Dedicated to sourcing the best fibres from around the world. My aim is to use sustainable and recycled materials along with mindful manufacturing to create long lasting products, perfect for you and your family.

I only source the best quality materials from sustainable sources.
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Eco materials

When designing my goods, I consciously look for ways in which we can reduce waste and increase the life cycle of perfectly good to use textiles. When possible I use recycled and remnant materials.

50% Recyled Yarn Jersey >>

A sustinable alternative to 100% cotton jersey, we use sweatshirt fabrics that contain recyled yarns. This blend of fabric is 65% cotton with 35% poly. Half of which is made up of recycled fibres, making this fabric a more sustainable choice.

+ Remnant Jersey >>

Remnant fabrics also known as "end of roll" fabrics, are the materials left over after the greater part of the roll has been used. Many end up in landfill. When available we use remnant jersey over standard jersey, as we belive this material is better used than wasted.

+ Recycled Silk >>

Silk is a natural fibre known for it's soft luxurious feel. It is celebrated as the most strongest natural fibre, meaning as a material it has great longevity. Our silk laces are made from the waste of silk spinning production in India. My supplier works closely with artisan spinners within communities in small rural villages and provides the women with a sustainable cycle of employment and quality of life.

+ Landfill Leather >>

Landfill leather is a bi-proudcut material waste from the leather industry. We source quality leather that is destined for landfill from British manufacturers. Perfectly useable quality leather that would have otherwise gone to landfill, is given a new lease of life and is made into our baby goods and accessories. What is textile landfil?

Protein Fibres

Naturally occurring fibres from animal sources, such as wool and leather.

Merino Wool >>

One of nature's most luxurious fibres, this breathable and comfortable wool is for all seasons. With natural insulating properties, the wool regulates temperature without overheating, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. This fibre naturally resists flames and retains hypoallergenic properties. A great choice for sensitive Babies or allergy prone adults. Merino wool also holds natural antibacterial properties which help eliminate odour. Our Merino Wool is sourced from Peru. Read our Journal post here to learn more about the benefits of using merino wool.

Alpaca >>

Not only is alpaca super soft and warm, it is hypo-allergenic making it a great choice for children and allergy prone adults. This light and durable fibre contains microscopic air bags that maintain the heat when it's cold and make the product not so heavy when it's hot. Our Alpaca yarn is sourced from Peru.

Cellulose Fibres

Naturally occurring fibres made from plants, such as cotton and bamboo.

Bamboo >>

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth? With it’s gentle properties, this natural fibre is a match for sensitive skin. It’s also highly absorbent which is why we've used it in our muslin cloths!

Organic Cotton >>

Organic cotton is a sustainable alternative to standard cotton. Unlike commercial cotton, organic cotton fibres are not processed with harmful chemicals. You can be sure that this is one of the best fabric choices for your baby’s sensitive skin. Our organic cotton is sourced from Turkey and Africa.

Vegan >>

Shop our 100% natural handmade vegan soaps here

Vegan Landfill Leather >>

A vegan friendly alternative to our landfill leather, these plant based fabrics are saved from textile landfill and made into our goods. We ethically source all our landfill fabrics from British manufacturers.