Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil


We strongly believe that sustainability and transparency is important, which gives us the opportunity to open up the conversation about this controversial crop.

What is palm oil?

You've probably used at least one product today that contains palm oil, without even realising. Palm oil is present in up to 50% of supermarket products such as, chocolate, washing powder, baby food, biscuits, shampoo, cereals, lipstick, creams and other products we that we use on a daily basis.

Palm oil is a natural vegetable oil, extracted from red fruits which grow in large bunches on oil palms. The fruits have a fleshy outer layer and a single seed, both of which are rich in oils. 

What is responsibly sourced palm oil?

Like any other natural resource, exhausting them can have a detrimental effect to the environment and the workers involved in producing it. Our soaps use only certified sustainably sourced palm oil which means it meets the highest ethical standards set by an organisation called The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (or RSPO). RSPO help reduce the negative impacts of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities involved in the palm oil supply chain. 

Check out the video below from WWF International which highlights why sustainable palm oil production is important.

Why we use RESPONSIBLY SOURCED palm oil

We only use RSPO certified palm oil in our care products, which ensures the protection of the environment and the workers that produce the sustainable palm oil.  

Using sustainable palm oil in our products safeguards the livelihood of smallholder farmers and communities. Most importantly RSPO certified palm oil has been produced on land that does not affect the natural habitats of wild life, the local communities or the environment.

RSPO certified palm oil respects the following production criteria- No clearing of primary forests, or areas which contain fragile ecosystems or endangered species, nor areas which are fundamental to meeting basic or traditional cultural needs of the local communities. 

As well as being socially and environmentally sustainable, responsibly sourced palm oil fruits are rich in vitamins. The fruits are a reddish colour because they are rich in high beta-carotene content, which is a provitamin that converts to an active form of vitamin A called retinol, an essential nutrient that is beneficial for the skin. 

So what does this all mean?

All the ingredients in our soaps are ethically sourced and support the sustainable production of this essential natural resource. By thinking consciously about your buying decisions, you can make a difference.

Choosing products which support ethical palm oil production has a huge impact. The greater the demand is for ethically made palm oil, ensures that future of all palm oil production will be a sustainable one.

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