Surfers Against Sewage x Oya Goods -Plastic Free Champions

Last month we met with the lovely Rebekah from Surfers Against Sewage- Wirral. She came to the studio and we chatted about ways in which we can further reduce our waste and specifically, avoidable single use plastics. We highlighted aspects of the business which we have already implemented alternatives to single use plastics, like our mailing sacks that we pack our goods in. They are made from 100% recycled paper and are biodegradable. Our mailing sacks are great for repurposing, some customers re-use our medium sacks for storing toys. Check out our seed bomb blog for another way to reuse our bio packaging DIY flower seed bombs are a great activity to do with the kids, you can learn how to make them here .

There are some alarming statistics which illustrate the how much single use plastic waste we are generating and how destructive it is for our environment. (

320,000,000 Tonnes of plastic generated globally in 2016. This is set to double by 2034

8,000,000 pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the ocean every day

Reducing all plastic from our lives is a huge task, but we can start by kicking our addiction to avoidable single-use plastics.

We have and will continue to look at ways to further reduce our waste and we are determined to totally eliminate all plastic from our business by 2020.

We’re so chuffed that we have received our Plastic Free Champion certification. We can’t wait to bring it along with us to our pop-ups and tell our customers all about our pledge to kick out single use plastics from our business.

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