Plant Dyed Care Guide

Did you know that harsh chemicals on standard cotton can irritate your babes sensitive skin and can lead to conditions like eczema. My plant dyed range has no nasties or harsh chemicals. Just 100% organic cotton, naturally dyed with the power of plants. The best start for your babe. Tap to shop.

My plant dyed goods are hand painted and dyed using natural colours by hand. Each one is unique, just like your little one.

What are plant dyed fabrics?

Much of the clothing you find in stores are dyed using synthetic dyes, which contain harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive baby skin. Plant dyes are 100% natural and contain no harsh or toxic chemicals, just pure plant power.

Will the colour last?

Natural dyes can be more susceptible to fading over time compared to synthetic chemical based dyes, especially when exposed to harsh soap powders or prolonged periods of direct sunlight. Naturally dyed goods require some extra love and care. Over time the colour will change, but that’s the beauty of the item, your goods will develop with you.

How do I care for my item?

To get the best out of your plant dyed goods, wash in cool water (we advise 30°) on a hand wash cycle, with a plant based washing detergent- like this one. Some excess colour may release within the first wash, just like a pair of new jeans, so make sure to wash it with similar colours. Dry naturally, ironing is beneficial but not strictly necessary.

Caring for our belongings is the first step in changing our habits and attitudes towards items we own.

Why aren’t they identical?

Each item is hand painted and dyed by hand, making each one unique. Plant derived colours create unique markings, variation and perfect imperfections.

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