Newborn Essentials- The Capsule Wardrobe

Juggling family life, work and all of the other chaos life throws at us, organising your home can understandably get to the bottom of your priority list. Kilter Home provide decluttering and organisational services which bring you back to kilter, restoring calm, happiness and balance to your life and home.

We grabbed a cuppa in Lois’ beautifully organised victorian terrace and chatted about the benefits of consciously bringing items into your home that you need rather than want. This led us to the topic of capsule wardrobes. Lois has dived deep into the topic. You can check out her tips here and learn more about the process and benefits of a more intentional wardrobe. Such benefits got us thinking further about how essential it is, for not only ourselves but for our children too.

restore the balance and think consciously about your buying choices

We’ve highlighted a few points to illustrate why a conscious wardrobe for your little one will benefit you and your family home.

Less choice, less stress

Let’s face it, family life can be stressful enough. Getting babe dressed shouldn’t be a chore- by making conscious decisions and streamlining your babies wardrobe, you can eliminate unnecessary anxiety and stress.

quality over quantity

It’s all about quality over quantity, Mama! Invest in staple items for your babe that are made from natural fibres and made to last. A curated baby wardrobe with quality pieces will last a lifetime. Babies grow, it’s inevitable, but by investing you can be sure that these items will make it through the early stages of babes life and further. So you can pass onto younger siblings or friends. Sharing is caring after all.


Time is precious- so stop wasting it. Curating a capsule wardrobe for your little ones will save you huge amounts of time. Reducing time spent searching and deciding on what to dress them in leaves you more time to focus on the important things.


Buying less and choosing well seems like a no brainer, but often our buying decisions are informed by what’s on trend. Fast fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world after oil! Crazy I know, but it’s a sad fact. Could you imagine the only option you have, is to give your child water that’s been contaminated by toxic waste from factories producing fast fashion? That’s exactly what some mothers are dealing with today! The choices we make now, will affect the futures of our children. Shopping sustainably reduces the impact on the environment and the people along the way involved in making your clothes.


We all love a bargain but when you see something and you instantly think that’s so’s too good to be true. Then it probably is. Somewhere along the supply chain corners have been cut to get the cost down to that low price. Such things like, the quality of the item, to poor working conditions and unfair wages are all ways in which manufacturers look to cut costs. When you buy cheap you end up buying more, meaning over time the cost adds up. Instead choose well, invest in quality items and buy less. In the long run, your going to save some pennies.

Becoming a parent is an exciting time, THOUGH IT can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed with questions and endless need-to-buy listS. Likewise, buying for an expecting friendS newborn baby can be a daunting experience.

Gaining a sense of balance in the early stages of a newborns life, may seem like a far way dream- but we’re here to help. At Oya Goods we’ve curated a collection of essential styles to take away the stress. Leaving Parents to enjoy those precious early days, worry free. Our essentials range is consciously curated with baby in mind. Focusing on ease, functionality and timeless design to take you through the seasons.

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