Natural Dyeing with Christine Lewis


Last week I spent some time with Christine Lewis at her studio . Christine is a botanical dyer and maker, she began dyeing with botanicals in 2012 after reading an article by Sasha Duerr. What started out as a hobby developed into Christine's passion and she now spends her time working on her art from her picture perfect garden studio, where she also grows her own dyestuff to create beautiful palettes for her interior pieces. You can shop Christine's work here.

My knowledge of dyeing until now, has been based on my industry and university experiences, where a lot of chemicals and chemical processes are used to create colours for garments. When I began to research more sustainable and eco-friendly dye alternatives, I delved into the world of plant based dyeing.

I hopped in my car, hit the motorway and headed down to meet Christine, eager to learn about the process of natural dyeing. Within the first hour of listening to Christine explain the processes and seeing her beautiful flourishing dye garden, I knew that natural dyeing was going to be a skill that I would explore further. We spent hours experimenting with all types of natural dyes, from avocado to indigo. Christine’s knowledge and kindness to share her craft with me truly inspired me to get outside with nature and make more. The scope of colour that you can get from natural dyestuff is truly amazing. You can create such beautiful tones from plants, it really is endless. Another bonus apart from it being so much fun, is that the dye process doesn't harm the environment. It's a no brainer for me. 

I cant wait to explore this more, so keep an eye out on the squares as I will be uploading more behind the scenes. I think it's important that you see this part of my making process, because I want to be honest and transparent about my making and hopefully you'll enjoy being a part of the journey too.