Motherhood: Niccy Iseman


We chatted to our friend Niccy Iseman, the creative mama behind contemporary paper goods brand Type and StoryIt's mothers like Niccy who inspire oya to do what we do. She is doing it all...following her passion, running her business and raising her family. Who said you can't have it all?!

My name is: Niccy Iseman
I live in: London
Doing it for the gram @type_and_story
Mother to: Albie
When I’m not parenting I’m: Designing stationery @type_and_story + @bookblock
What motherhood means to me: Gaining a whole new meaning on the words 'LOVE' 'LIFE' and 'JOY'. Rearing a human being and watching them flourish. The bond you have with them is just magical.
My pregnancy cravings where: Breakfast bars - actually  all carbs.
What I packed in my hospital bag for labour: Lucozade + some big knickers. The rest I packed let's be real girls, you will never have the chance to use. (Face wash, 'something to give birth in' snack, magazines and a laptop - not needed)!
What I know now, that I wish someone would've told me about parenting: You lose yourself entirely. Fact. No one ever told me that. Your whole world as you once knew it is no longer you. So who are you? 'The Worker, 'The Runner', 'The Good Friend'...All of a sudden you have no time to do these things any more. Most Mothers suffer from an identity crisis around 9 months in - but no one ever talks about it.
I’m currently reading: Sally Rooney 'Conversations with Friends.'
I’m currently listening to: XFM
I can’t live without: My lippy + ear plugs
When I get a spare ten mins to myself I: Run
My weekends usually consist of:  Brunches,  Swimming and sitting around in child friendly cafes and generally feeling tired.
Our Easter weekend will involve: Exploring Wales with my family.
My advice for new parents: Make the most of and enjoy your freedom because soon your life will become a series of restrictions. But whatever you give up and however your life changes - it is all worth it!

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