Does My Breast Offend You?

@mothermusemag    6th edition available to purchase   here

@mothermusemag  6th edition available to purchase here


This week @mothermusemag released their sixth edition publication featuring @thammycaldeira on the cover breastfeeding her child. It received much controversy online, with comments labelling the image as "pornographic" and was reported so many times that Instagram removed it.

@thammycaldeira posted on her Instagram her response to the negative attention: 

"Presumably, my picture is reported so many times on Instagram that its deleted. breastfeeding is the most beautiful and natural thing in nature. it makes me sad that people believe this is something that can not be shared." 

It saddens me that even in today's society women are made to feel ashamed of their bodies and reproductive processes and not by only men but by other women too. Whether a woman is made to feel uncomfortable for breastfeeding in public or a Mother is shamed for not breastfeeding at all. Shaming isn’t progressive in any sense. With 2018 being "the year of the woman" we are seeing women's rights progress in other areas of society, yet this topic is still years behind. Women have the right to make their own choice, and we all should be supporting that.

There will always be controversy around topics such as this - if anything, it's opened up the conversation and empowers women to not feel a certain way about their bodies. It's also shining a light on the topic of breastfeeding, whether a Mother chooses to breastfeed or not, there shouldn't be any shame in either choice.

Whether you appreciate the image for its pure natural beauty or find it offensive. Mother Muse Magazine is undoubtedly pioneering the way, by showcasing honest contemporary motherhood in all its forms of beauty. As they is in the eye of the beholder.