I have always been a maker, ever since I can remember. I fell into textiles at college and later fashion at university. My design career led me to work and live in a few different places Nottingham- New York- London- Nottingham again… but now the place I grew up - Wirral, in the North West of England is home.

My experience in the fast fashion industry opened my eyes, as I begun to realise the damage that the fast fashion industry was having on the environment, as well as the people involved- the makers and the customers. So I took the plunge, left my role as a designer and I’ve been working on my brand ever since. My purpose is to create products that are a true representation of what I believe is important, in our ever changing fast paced world.

Earth friendly goods, made slowly. Worthy of care and passing on.

"Oh-yah" translates to Parent in Japanese. Japanese culture, traditions and design inspire my work, simple aesthetics, proper ways of making and purposeful goods. With a dislike for excess, I never overproduced. I believe in mindful manufacturing and handmade quality goods. Thinking consciously about my making decisions, and preserving artisan crafts, I will only collaborate with other makers that hold the same values as me.

I work from my studio space where I design, make and package all your orders. My dream would be to grow Oya Goods organically and one day have the capacity to employ Mother’s who want to get back into work on flexible hours...because you shouldn’t have to make a choice between growing a family or your career.

Thanks for discovering my little brand, I hope you love my slow made goods for motherhood.

LK x

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